May 19, 2024

6 Ways Rummy Lovers Choose to Spend Their Lockdown

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Rummy lovers around the world find rummy as their favourite pastime. While the Covid-19 pandemic and the ongoing lockdown has restricted life for most of us, rummy lovers still have a way to keep themselves engaged. Here we have shared 6 ways in which rummy lovers keep themselves busy even during the lockdown. Check the list and share if you have more to add:

By Taking Quick Rummy Breaks Between Work from Home

Working from home continuously is not easy. Everyone needs a break between work to break the monotony. If you are an avid rummy fan, you can choose quick rummy breaks to refresh your mind. You can play points rummy card games during the break. It will help you divert your mind from stress. Reduced stress means increased performance levels at work.

By Inviting Friends to Join Them on the Favourite Khelplay Rummy App

The Khelplay Rummy app offers an experience that is as close to real rummy card game as possible. Players therefore get the true fun of rummy gaming here. What’s more? You can also invite friends on your favourite Khelplay Rummy app. This is how most rummy players get the same fun even while staying indoors. They invite friends from their rummy circles to join them in rummy games and tourneys. Each time a friend accepts your invite to Khelplay Rummy app, you also enjoy some bonus points.

By Being a Part of Exciting Rummy Tournaments Online

Khelplay Rummy has a rummy tournament for every season. The prizes could be in cash or kind. If you have good rummy gaming skills, this could be the best place to put the rummy skills to use. Participate in rummy tournaments online to win a few quick bucks. Khelplay Rummy is the right platform where your potential to win rummy games will truly be appreciated.

By Checking Out New Variations of Rummy Card Games Online

The options are endless on the Khelplay Rummy app. You don’t have to stick to just one variant of rummy all the time. The app allows you to check out different variations of Indian Rummy Card Games online. You can choose between single round rummy card games and series card games. Points Rummy is the variant among single rummy card games. The option to choose between Pool Rummy and Deals Rummy is available to players who like series rummy card games. The players also get to choose between cash rummy and practice rummy.

By Learning New Tricks of Rummy Through Each Game

Playing different variations of rummy and with different players has one big advantage. You get to learn new strategies and tricks to outwit the opponent. Each time you play rummy online on Khelplay Rummy, you learn a new strategy to excel in the game. Now, isn’t that truly exciting for all the rummy players out there?

By Exploring the Fun of Playing Rummy with Strangers Online

When we play rummy offline, we often choose to play with people we know. Playing rummy with complete strangers could be a wholly new experience. This is what Khelplay Rummy has to offer. It allows you to play with other rummy players around the globe whom you have never met before. This allows you to try new methods and strategies. It enhances your gaming skills in rummy card games.

Yes, it could be really tiresome to stay indoors all day long. But if you are a rummy player, Khelplay Rummy will offer you the solace you truly deserve. You can enjoy rummy gaming anytime anywhere if you have a good internet connection. Download the Khelplay Rummy app now for unlimited rummy fun.

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