June 16, 2024

Easy Bookmaking Solutions You Can Trust On

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Bookmakers have to make a profit and therefore offer you high odds for events that are less likely to happen. To hope to win more money, you will need to bet on the most profitable bets. How to find them on a sports betting site? We will explain the procedure to you.

How to be profitable in sports betting? Our explanations

There are many techniques to be profitable in sports betting. Try not to limit yourself to guessing “Who will win the match?” or “Who will win the competition?”. Other options exist and will make it much easier for you to win your bet. We think in particular of handicap bets, scorer bets or even the score bet at half-time. These will greatly increase your profits because they offer fairly high odds.

For example, if you place a bet at odds of 3 and bet $ 100:

  • If you win your bet, your winnings will amount to 3 * 100 = 300 euros (200 euros in profit)
  • If you lose your bet, your losses will amount to 100 euros.
  • By betting on profitable bets, you greatly increase your chances of winning money in the long run, since every winning bet will lead to big profits.

Bet on the winner to win big

Long-term bets, also known as “outright winner”, are quite popular on Swiss online bookmakers. To briefly summarize their function, these winner predictions allow you to guess the big winner of a competition before it starts. Whether for the Champions League, the Swiss Super League, the Tour de France, the NHL or the NBA, you place your prediction before the start of the season and you must wait until the end of the competition to receive your winnings.

These predictions are interesting since the bookmakers take into account the statistics of previous competitions to place their odds. If the rating of the favorites can be very low, you will be able to bet on the underdogs with the aim of winning a lot of money. You have to have flair, to find the team or the player who will fail the champions.

Bet live for attractive odds

Live betting is a situs judi togel online gambling option that fascinates many Swiss players. Very fashionable, online bookmakers offer you the possibility of placing a bet at the same time as the match is taking place. Knowing that the odds will change depending on the game situation, some will be much more interesting than if you bet before the start of the meeting.

Placing a live bet requires a good understanding of the sport and careful observation of the game, in order to find the triggering event that will earn you money. Analyze all the parameters to place the best bet possible. If you have a thin nose, you can win a nice jackpot.

Bet on a draw to boost your winnings

In many disciplines such as football, hockey, basketball, rugby or American football, a match can end in a draw. The teams will stay back to back and share the points. For punters, the draw is an additional opportunity to earn money since it adds a third possible outcome to a match, unlike duels in tennis for example.


Betting on a draw is interesting in the sense that the odds will be very high. The greater the gap between the teams, the more you will benefit from the draw score. You can therefore take the time to research these draws since it is a strategy that will provide you with many benefits in the long term.


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