June 16, 2024

Smartest Hands in the Poker Online Solutions Now

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If you look at poker on a general level you could say that it is certainly not good behavior to “destroy” new players. It is in fact unsportsmanlike behavior, not polite and could cause you to get some dirty looks from other players, but at the green table there are no more or less experienced players, only opponents.

Also, beginners are very unpredictable, and if you can’t corner them, they can be the first to throw us out of a tournament. So, without being too moralistic, let’s see simply what the best ways are to leverage an opponent’s lack of experience. In the following article we will take a look at 8 tips for playing with new players in a friendly No-Limit Hold’em environment, as if playing at someone’s home.

Categorize your opponents

Starting from the lowest level of play it is possible to distinguish poker players into two distinct categories: scared or contemptuous.

  • It is very easy to distinguish them in a short time. A frightened player will frequently call and fold on most raises. He will not try to enlarge the pot and will rarely open by betting.
  • On the contrary, contemptuous players will make sometimes crazy raises with weak cards.
  • It will be necessary to employ a very different strategy against each style of play. Against “scared” players you may want to bet aggressively and consistently by getting them out of the game. It is important to pay attention to their raises, as in most cases they may have something in hand.

On the other hand, if you are playing with “contemptuous” players it is important to take full advantage of your most important hands. It will be possible to make bets of a certain size when you have good copies.

Did you notice that another good player is sitting at the table? Well, what you have to do is simple: avoid playing against him or her. Don’t act like an idiot. Play poker online properly.

Aim a lot

This is a difficult concept to learn for new poker players who have been accustomed to an endless series of royal flushes versus poker during televised events and major movie scenes:

Most of your hands are certainly not going to be amazing starting hands like Aces or Kings, as these are very rare starting hands.

Most beginners (especially players considered “scared”)  will simply drop their hands  after the flop in case they don’t hit a good hand, which means you will have the opportunity to bet on just about any flop.


Taking it one step further will allow you to raise with any hand. Most of the players at the table will be confused thinking how it is possible for you to continue to have good hands.


Here is another fun and winning trick to bet that you can use against players with very limited experience: Make a minimum bet on the River. New poker players normally don’t understand the concept of pot odds, and failing to get their draw will simply fold against any bet. This means that it will be possible to bet 10,000 or 100 with the same result. This is a low-risk tactic that offers great results.


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